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As a leading provider of Aircraft Consulting, we take pride in offering the best Advanced Training and Aircraft Ownership Assistance in the Aviation Industry . We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers 24/7/365.
In business since 1981, we have dedicated our services and professionalism to ensuring our Clients and Customers are SAFE, MOTIVATED AND PROFESSIONAL in the operation of their Aircraft.


Global Flight Research is your ONE STOP COMPANY for ALL your AIRCRAFT Needs.
There are no jobs too small or to large for our team to exceed your expectations

Supplemental Type Certificates and Modifications to your High Performance Aircraft. We are now equiped to re-weigh your aircraft after modifications or to re-establish a starting point.

Production Aircraft to Warbirds, we can re-build, re-store and re-certify it airworthy.


We are THE leader in Customized Flight Training Programs (CFTP's) and Advanced Aircraft Maneuvering-FLIGHT UPSET RECOGNITION AND RECOVERY COURSE (FURRTC).

Our experience includes General Aviation, Collegiate Aviation, Military Aviation, Corporate Flight Departments, Charter Flight Departments and Airline. Collectively our Instructors have over 100,000 Flight Hours.

Some of the aircraft that we have been a part of for our Clients include:

American Champion Aircraft: 7 Series, 8 Series.

Beechcraft (Raytheon/Textron) A23-19, 19, 23, 24R, E33A, F33A/C, T-34B/A, H35, A-36, B55, D55, B58TC, D-50, 76, 90, 100.

Bellanca 14-13.

Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander.

Cessna 140, 150, 170, 172, 180, 182, 185, 190, 205, 206, T210, 310, 414, 421, 425.

Experimentals: Just Aircraft Escapade, Aerocomp Esqual, Micco SF26, Slingsby T-61A/Scheibe 25b, Canadair CT-133A,

Mooney Eagle.

Ryan Navions.

Schweizer 2-33A. 

Stinson Gullwing SE-8R.

McDonnnell Douglas DC-9-10/30, MD-80/88, 717.

Experienced Professionals

Senior Turbojet Pilots


Experienced Industry Instructors

Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics

Inspector Authorized Personnel

Advanced Simulator Technicians

UAV Development

UAV Operator Trainers

Aerobatic/Upset Trainers

Experienced Sales Consultants

Inflight Emergency Support

Aviation Department Consulting

100,000 Flight Experience


Bush Pilot Trainers

IR Operations

Aviation Human Factors Specialists

Aviation Publications Authors

Aviation Media Host Producers